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  1. asa

    Metagame PU Old Gens + Discussion

    You could probably convince me that Jellicent is better than Mudsdale, I just think Mudsdale is incredibly consistent, offers slightly more to teams, and usually always gets to play its game even in bad matchups (even if it is pretty predictable compared to Jellicent and even stuff in the A...
  2. asa

    dusclops (restalk)

    Hi, welcome to Smogon :) We're unfortunately not working on analyses for SV PU right now (see here for more info), so I'll be locking and moving this thread. There will be a public announcement made when we recommence C&C work, and you'll be directly notified about it if you choose to Watch the...
  3. asa

    PU PU Ladder Tournament Playoffs - Round 3 [REPLAYS MANDATORY]

    #1 Tanish vs #24 Askov - yaskov (i also just really like what askov's been using so far) #2 Danny vs #10 justdrew - imo danny is a tad bit better overall, but drew is definitely solid and won't go down easy. this will likely go to g3. #14 Vulpix03 vs #11 gum - i have to root for the sudowoodo...
  4. asa

    it's good to have you back :)

    it's good to have you back :)
  5. asa

    Metagame np: Stage 3: Savage (Tauros Suspect Test, Lilligant ban post #30)

    :vulpix: I really don't like sun's place in the tier right now. Vulpix enables the playstyle far too greatly between automatically setting sun as it switches in, allowing sun teams greater overall flexibility by freeing a slot that a manual setter would normally occupy, and having an incredible...
  6. asa

    Resource PUPL IX - Team / Set Dump

    Bit of a delayed post all things considered, but enjoy the (outdated) teams I used this season! :tauros::whiscash::misdreavus::charizard::gogoat::rotom-frost: - Week 1 vs TyCarter (W) :basculin-blue-striped::gabite::misdreavus::dachsbun::gogoat::electrode: - Week 2 vs Liz Angeles (L)...
  7. asa

    Resource PU C&C Reservation List (Read OP Before Posting!)

    With the DLC NFEs (and moves) coming to PU in a little over a week, the tier shift that just happened three days ago, and the HOME wave reaching us in October, the QC team figures it best to lock this thread for the time being. Please try to get any WIP threads that have already been posted...
  8. asa

    right back at you

    right back at you
  9. asa

    PU PU Ladder Tour Cycle 4

    Forum name: asa Week 4 Alt: PULT4LK as Does my alt for Week 4 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yeah
  10. asa

    Project SV PU Personal Viability Rankings

    last day of this meta, so i'm Literally Obligated to post a personal vr Persian-A gives cats a bad name. S- isn't necessary anymore. Gogoat and Misdreavus are still very good Pokemon, but both have some serious competition for their respective roles, are easier to pressure, and don't feel...
  11. asa

    PU Crabominable (Assault Vest)

    GP Team
  12. asa

    Rain Sweeper Golduck

    waterfals 24 hrs to implement Bella's check 24 hours have long passed, reassigning
  13. asa

    works for me

    works for me
  14. asa

    when works for you to play for pupl tiebreak? -4, would rather play saturday or sunday if possible

    when works for you to play for pupl tiebreak? -4, would rather play saturday or sunday if possible
  15. asa

    Tournament PUPL IX - Semifinals [Tiebreaker @ Post 51]

    won, very sorry for all the luck
  16. asa

    Resource PU C&C Reservation List (Read OP Before Posting!)

    The OP has been updated to include the August shifts + reflect recent uploads/reservations.
  17. asa

    big fan of your music

    big fan of your music
  18. asa

    oh true

    oh true
  19. asa

    ice spice is back :D

    ice spice is back :D
  20. asa

    far out

    far out